So that we maintain high competitiveness of our products, we carefully monitor trends and novelties in the markets for both instrumentation and input and finishing materials. We keep in good shape not only by keeping up with leading manufacturers but also by participating in major exhibitions and fairs, such as ITMA, FIMAST in Italy, TECHTextil–TECHProcess in Germany, or PREMIERE Vision in France.

ARIES výrobí závod Vrchlabí

During production, we use the latest technology available and knitting machinery by prestigious brands Merz, Lonati, and Sangiacomo.

ARIES výrobní stroje

For sewing sportswear, we work on latest-generation machines to sew flat seams that provide maximum comfort.

ARIES šití

We are able to measure compression levels at each point in the product using special measuring devices, which enable us to guarantee their accuracy and stability.