Innovation is not only an integral part of human life and human development, but also the driving force of our company. The principle of innovation is a constant search for better ways to meet customer needs by means of increasing the quality of services and products, which leads to better implementation of technological and organizational strategies. Thanks to innovations, we can introduce new products, improve their properties, and enhance the overall quality. We love innovation and that's why we work in diverse project teams. The greatest reward for us is, of course, our satisfied customers.

Another objective of our innovation efforts is acquisition of new manufacturing technologies, including the necessary intangible assets and investments. We place great emphasize on the process of transferring creative ideas into a commercially successful innovation, supported by the creativity of our development department. We aim to promote development of new professional competence of our personnel and relationships with external partners as part of a targeted strategic alliance, employing international experience and methodologies (RAL, HOHENSTEIN). We introduce newly developed or innovated products on the market and processes into production. We keep increasing production efficiency in relation to our own completed research and development projects. Our products have high application potential in the market in terms of high quality, design, applicability, and use of new technologies, especially with regard to rapid incorporation of customer feedback.

We constantly monitor new products available on the market and compare our products with those of competitors in the Czech Republic, Central Europe, the EU, and around the world so that we could keep coming with new and better assortment in the form of a sophisticated, diverse product portfolio in order to secure our market position.

We constantly strive to reduce scrap rate in the production, leading to reduction of production cost, which also contributes to environmental protection.

Improvements are then reflected in the technical specifications, used components, materials, or other functional characteristics; newly launched products differ significantly from their predecessors in terms of their characteristics or even intended uses.