The product line of Avicenum medical products offers support and compression knee-length socks, stockings, tights for prevention and support treatment of varicose veins and lymphatic problems, and compression arm sleeves and socks for diabetics. More information about Avicenum products in our e-shop

The section of ROYAL BAY® sports compression products offers high-quality products in an attractive colour design. Both hobby and professional athletes can select compression exactly as needed, graduated or targeted and of required intensity. The range includes compression knee-length socks, sleeves, and sports socks. For a complete overview and detailed specification of the benefits of each product visit

Our medical fashion Intelligent Body Care products are sophisticated hosiery that meet not only fashion criteria, but also ensure day-to-day care of the health and vitality of your feet. Hosiery socks, knee-length socks, stockings, tights, and leggings are manufactured with a variety of health benefits, such as antimicrobial silver ions. Medical hems are a commonplace. Learn about our brands TIMONY, FORMWELL, or MONDY STAR in our e-shop.