The functioning of our growing company, ARIES holding, essentially depends on our teams. Each of them consists of expert professionals who keep deepening their knowledge and experience so that our products could stay competitive in all markets.

As you may have already read in section About Company, we are a family business and a family atmosphere permeates throughout the entire company. We would like to at least partially introduce our teams. Contact for the sale team can be found in section Contacts.

Marketing Department

Ing. Lenka FEJFAROVÁ Ing. Lenka Fejfarová
Head of Marketing and Communication
Holding spokesperson
+420 605 299 518
Martin NEUWIRTH Martin Neuwirth
Graphic designer of brands:
+420 734 150 722
Barbora ŠULCOVÁ Barbora Šulcová
Graphic designer of brands:
Avicenum, ARIES
+420 605 299 515
Miroslav NEUMAN Miroslav Neuman
On-line manager
+420 733 713 080
Ing. Jana Hlaváčková Ing. Jana Stárková
Brand manager Avicenum
+420 734 319 773
Mgr. Jan Kalkus Mgr. Jan Kalkus
Brand manager ROYAL BAY
+420 603 304 034
Lucie Šachlová Lucie Šachlová
brand manager for ARIES MEDISHOP
marketing production
+420 733 600 734

Sales Department

Ivo PIKL Ivo Pikl
General Head of Sales
+420 605 299 501
Ing. Tomáš TRNKA Ing. Tomáš Trnka
Sales Director for CR
+420 603 321 621
Janka Dvořáková Mgr. Janka Dvořáková
Sales Team Leader
+421 911 299 201
mgr Agnieszka Twarożek mgr Agnieszka Twarożek
Agent ARIES POLSKA Sp. z o. o.
+48 746 480 490
Ing. Vladimír PROCHÁZKA Ing. Vladimír Procházka
Regional Director for CIS and EAEU and general director OOO "ARIES RU" RF
+420 739 787 595
Jose GARCIA Jose Garcia
+49 173 52 77 419

Research and Development

David ŠULC David Šulc
Development Director
+420 605 299 511
Bc. Lukáš Šmíd Bc. Lukáš Šmíd
Chief Designer
Veronika Cermanová Veronika Cermanová
Research and development specialist
+420 734 318 887

Production and Logistics

Ing. Petr FEJFAR Ing. Petr Fejfar
Production and Logistics Director
+420 734 150 727
Jiřina ŠTILCOVÁ Jiřina Štilcová
Dispatch Office Manager
+420 605 711 777

Finance and Controlling Department

Michal ŠULC Michal Šulc
Financial Director
Ing. Lenka ŠULCOVÁ Ing. Lenka Šulcová
Controlling Director

Department of Expert Health Agenda and Medical Supplies Stores

Mgr. Renata ČÍŽKOVÁ Mgr. Renata Čížková
Medical Manager
+420 734 150 720
PharmDr. Dalibor ĎURĎA PharmDr. Dalibor Ďurďa
Manager of ARIES MEDISHOP stores
+420 734 620 026
MVDr. Lenka LENČUCHOVÁ MVDr. Lenka Lenčuchová, MPH
Medical manager (SK)

+421 902 948 245

IT and Facility Management Department

Petr BROŽ Petr Brož
IT and Facility Management Director
+420 605 299 514

Quality Department

Šárka FRIESSOVÁ Šárka Friessová
Quality Manager
+420 605 299 512

Our entire team works under the direction and vision of the CEO and company owner

Ing. Ladislav ŠULC Ing. Ladislav Šulc
and company owner